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Abbreviations/music lexiconAbbreviations/music lexicon
Abbreviation PrtStm
German (de) Partitur und Stimmen
English (en) full score and parts
Spanish (es) partitura y piezas
French (fr) partition et pièces
Italian (it) partitura e parti
Dutch (nl) partituur en delen
Polnish (pl) partytura i glosy
Portuguese (pt) Partituras e partes de orquestra
Definition/synonyms A score is a recording of polyphonic music in musical notation, in which the individual voices are arranged one above the other and connected by vertical bars. This allows the course of the individual voices, their co-ordination and their interplay to be read off - in particular, the conductor can oversee the musical events at a glance.

Arrangement of the instruments in the score (abbreviations as used in our database):
Flutes (Flt)
Oboes (Ob)
Clarinets (Clr)
Bassoons (Fag)

Horns (Hrn)
Trumpets (Trp)
Trombones (Trb)
Tuba (Tub)

percussion instruments
with certain pitch: timpani (Tmp), glockenspiel (Glsp) xylophone (Xyl), marimba (Mar),
with indefinite pitch: (drums, cymbals, triangle, etc.)
Harp (Hrp),
Piano (Pno), Celesta (Clst)


Violin (Vln) - almost always divided into first and second
Viola (Vla)
Violoncello (Vlc)
Double Bass (KB)
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